Once again Moved blogs…….


life is funny

Somehow got on a forward, obviously sent to me by accident. An invite from a famous Actor to a meet up at another Actors house. Which had like 7 other famous Actors and Actresses emails….My life can be entertaining..ha ha ha… Made my boring evening.Anyone recommend a good book for me to read?  


It’s Monday morning figured school should be good to go. Wake up the girl at 5 sent her out the door at 6. 6:30ish comes along she walks back in the door, don’t think there is school today. Guess I should have checked the school’s website, wishful thinking on my part. My bad…oopsBest Mom of the Day Award should be given out to Me…. ha! School re-opens tomorrow. Looks like we are all still good here on base, haven’t looked if the Horno fire was still going but it should be out by now. The husband is at work so his shop didn’t burn, we were all very lucky here on base.  

away for weekend

Fires seem to be undercontrol in this area, we have left the area for the weekend. The smoke was getting to bad for the kids. Will be back on Monday. 


We are doing good right now there was a fire about half a mile away from our house about 2 am this morning. It has been 100% contained, seeing the flames not to far from the house made this all to real. There has been 5 fires currently 2 contained, 3 going, 1 was suppose to be a controlled burn, but went out of control this morning. That area is right next to the 5 freeway San Onofre if you are watching the news.They are saying the husbands shop is the next in line to be hit by the fire if they can’t contain it today. The newest fire is on Mainside of base they have evacuated 3 housing areas. We are good right now just waiting and hoping this will all end soon.Will keep everyone updated… xo  

Theives everywhere…

Was sitting in line at Starbucks waiting to give my order. Look up saw this kid go around the corner snatch the ladies tips. It took all my power not to aclerate and run him down. Had to be about 18-19ish, come on get a job! I’m so over people who do these things. Maybe easier to steal then actually work for what you want. In the long run don’t they feel dirty?

Tell me why…

My car was broken into… Why they had to take everthing from my Gps to a bag of stuff ready to send out for my Vegan pal. Come on… what the hell do you want to do with Yarn?  Why does things you can’t afford to happen at that moment… happen? Going to sit and feel sorry for myself now.